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About Us

I’ve lived in New York my entire life and had a successful working career with various companies as a Networking Specialist. However, I always felt I should have been in business for myself.

I love growing plants indoors/outdoors, which I do very well. My passion for silk flowers comes from my love of plants and Flowers which was inherited from my Mom Althea.

It all began at the young age of 16yrs old. My inspiration to start my own business and be a boss came from watching and working with my father. He created, owned, and operated several successful businesses, and seeing his trials, tribulations, and success of ownership being a boss was extremely impressive.

The support of friends and family encouraged me to work for myself and start, run, and grow my own small business, Just That Beautiful LLC (Silk Flower Arrangements). The rewards come down to personal fulfillment, earning extra income, new challenges, and tapping into hidden creativity that has embedded value.

Most importantly I cherish all my customers. The goal is to always put a smile on their face and make beautiful affordable silk floral arrangements. That’s rewarding.

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